2021 Event

The 4th annual Connection Project was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and to the presenters and speakers who brought magic to the stage.

October 2nd marked the fourth annual Connection Project storytelling event. This life changing evening celebrated the courage, strength, and resilience of those who chose to share their personal mental health story.

The project’s vision is to inspire and uplift others by offering ways for people to connect in a space of compassion, kindness, and love with the intent to illuminate the conversation around the state of our collective mental health through storytelling.

As we all start to navigate a post COVID-19 world, we are more convinced than ever, that we need human connection, that our stories do matter, and that sharing is the best way to heal ourselves and others. Our hope is that these beautiful and very personal stories may continue to cast a light into the shadows, and to lift us up, holding space for one another in our community.

Our invitation is to join us and to help increase awareness and involvement in our collective mental wellbeing and to support those who live, learn, and love in community; there couldn’t be a better time to build connections. Your heart will be opened, your spirit will be lifted, your life will be changed.