The Connection Project October 2019

The Connection Project 2019 is the second-annual storytelling event on the subject of mental wellbeing.  Inspired by the idea that through sharing and connecting with one another through stories, we are better off as individuals, as families, and as communities. This event aims to add to and illuminate the conversation about the state of our collective mental health.

The Connection Project October 2018

After this incredibly difficult winter, perhaps the hardest in my whole life, I’ve come to a new awareness and understanding about my own experience with mental illness. I’ve discovered I must talk about it, and in talking about it, honor all versions of myself; at all ages, in any emotion, encompassing all inner judgments of self. There is always a space for compassion, there is always a space to love a little deeper.

Since I was 15, I’ve struggled to manage anxiety and depression. At 23, I spent time in a psychiatric ward because of a breakdown, complete with hallucinations, thoughts of suicide and self-harm. During this time, I found my ‘rock bottom.’ I met myself in despair unlike any other.

I want to share how I made my way back from that very lonely place. I realize the many gifts that have come my way because of this experience, and most importantly, that I must share my story, to know that I am not alone.

The Connection Project is an event inspired by all of this. It is my deeply held hope that this event will illuminate our collective journey toward an expanded awareness of our minds.

With Love,