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ReThreading Madness with Bernadine Fox

This podcast was recorded in the greenroom immediately following the 2019 Connection Project live event. Hosts Andrew Langford and John Close were set up backstage.

“Welcome to 2020 everyone! For the first episode of the year, we’re proud to present the behind-the scenes conversations we had with the speakers and organizers of The Connection Project. For this episode to make any sense whatsoever, you first need to watch the video and witness the incredible stories of mental health that are shared there – including John’s, who was one of the speakers. There is power in our stories and we all need to be heard.”

This podcast was an honour to be part of. Hosts Andrew Langford and John Close are two very generous and kind people who make the interview process easeful, despite the vulnerable nature of the content.

“In this episode, we sit down with Emily Olsen, creator of The Connection Project. Emily suffered for decades from a thick heaviness of spirit, a darkness so malevolent, the thoughts led her to suicide. Emily goes deep and shares what life was like in the darkness, how she tried to find relief and what helped her finally ascend into the light. Emily has since started The Connection Project, a stage that champions mental well being by shedding a light on the darkness of mental illness through courageous speeches, music and poetry. Once again, we feel deeply honoured to host this conversation and incredibly humbled by Emily’s level of open-ness and vulnerability in sharing. This! Is Obstacle Course. Let’s Go!”