2018 Event

The October 6th/7th event was a huge success. Thank you to everyone involved in the inaugural 2018 project, especially those courageous enough to share their story.

Thanks to Jeff Custeau of ‘Beside The Sea Productions’ who completed the documentary Loving The Darkness in January.

A special thank you to my husband Adam Olsen, and my two kids Silas and Ella.

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“This weekend’s small earthquake centered in Sidney, BC, will cause a small wave to lap at the shores of Vancouver and Washington state. But rather than die out in the sand and shoreline weeds, it will gain in strength and power and velocity to spread through the whole province and Oregon.  The Rocky Mountains will ramp the wave across the prairies and channel the flood through California.  The plains of North America will knowingly provide no resistance in order to ensure all the east be drenched until the wave hits the Atlantic…and the wave gains strength again… “

~ audience member, Rob Smith