2021 Sponsors

“We are you, your neighbours, your friends & family. In 1985, a group of concerned citizens came together to raise funds for the fledgling Saanich Peninsula Hospital, a full service community hospital serving over 30,000 households on the Saanich Peninsula and Gulf Islands. The Saanich Peninsula Hospital is a vital part of our community and after over 30 years of work, we see a strong sense of ownership on the part of residents of the peninsula. Our loyal and supportive donors have helped fund no less than 8 major renovations or construction projects and purchase hundreds of pieces of equipment. Your community, your health.”

The Smith Manoeuvre
The Smith Manoeuvre ™️ is an extremely efficient method of accomplishing a number of any typical Canadian’s goals simultaneously: eliminate your expensive, non-deductible mortgage debt faster than the banks would have you, generate valuable tax deductions every year, and invest for your future – starting now.

Born in Vancouver, Paul Gill has spent almost his entire life in the food service industry. His love and passion for creating authentic food has always been the driving force behind all his food and restaurant ventures. From his humble beginnings, working in a family-owned Fish’n Chips restaurant in a small town in Alberta to building and operating multiple restaurants across Arizona, Colorado and Vancouver, Paul has always kept his integrity to provide the absolute best quality food and service to all of his beloved customers. It was that dedication that finally led him to move back to his home country and venture into the food production and wholesale industry, almost 35 years after serving his first customer. Paul now lives in Brentwood Bay, Victoria, B.C. with his beautiful wife, Pari and his two young children, Aanya and Yash. https://www.sutrasauces.com

Carolyne Taylor creates spaces for people to connect. In her work as an HR professional, Association Manager, Heart Centered Facilitator and Event Producer, she creates spaces for people to build and sustain meaningful relationships and inspiring conversations. Supported by a team a team of amazing staff and volunteers, she has hosted both small facilitated events and large conferences including her own creations, Victoria Yoga Conference and yoUnlimited. Most recently she has moved her expertise online, mastering Zoom for roundtables, conversation circles, Celebrations of Life, daily yoga membership programs and more. Carolyne wants to live in a world where no one feels invisiblecarolynetaylor.com