The second annual Connection Project took place on October 4th and was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came out to witness the event. For those unable to attend, stay tuned for video footage coming soon!

WHAT’S NEXT? Beginning Wednesday, November 13th, 2019 The Connection Project will host ‘Awaken Wellbeing’ a weekly drop-in, by-donation circle at Breathing Space  in Brentwood Bay, BC from 7:45-9:15pm. This circle is for anyone dealing with mental health challenges either personally or by association. The Connection Project’s, Emily Olsen will facilitate this weekly gathering to encourage those feeling isolated or stigmatized to contribute by listening to others and/or sharing their own stories in a safe and caring community. 

For more information, please contact Emily Olsen.

A beautiful depiction of the joy that comes from sharing our stories
and remembering our humanness.