The Connection Project began as a mental health storytelling event in 2018. Speakers shared vulnerable yet powerful accounts of the impacts of mental health challenges on their lives. The storytelling resonated deeply with audience members and a project was born. 

“Since its inception, this project has been an experience of collective healing and growth. It’s an honour to witness the transformation take place as speakers ready themselves for the stage. Everyone’s story has something worthwhile and purposeful to teach the world. There is power when stories are witnessed and individuals embrace the entirety of who they are. The dark. The light. All of it.” – Emily Olsen, Founder

Though the primary driver of the Connection Project is the annual event, it has since expanded to address the need for connection within the community. A weekly drop-in circle is offered locally to provide a community gathering space to discuss and share experiences about mental wellbeing. A podcast is also in the works. 

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