Storytelling – A Healing Connection

Meaningful connection through storytelling positively impacts mental well-being. Now more than ever, we have reason to create meaningful connections to help heal mental health struggles. Where systemic challenges and failures exist, we can instead, through storytelling, cultivate relationships, resonance, and understanding. As we find outlets to express the pain of these experiences, we permit entry… Continue reading Storytelling – A Healing Connection

Greatness is within everyone.

March 23rd, 1995 was a very special day in my life. Twenty six years ago today, I stood on the Great Wall of China with life and all its possibilities before me.  I remember grounding my feet on those ancient stones and looking in all directions, taking in every smell and sound, the crisp air… Continue reading Greatness is within everyone.

Intentional Creation

Photo by Pixabay on The Connection Project's third-annual storytelling event around mental health is just over two months away.  To host this type of event, it helps to embrace a willingness to face trial and error and make mistakes along the way. The project's success is really about collaboration and community. Each year the… Continue reading Intentional Creation